Do you Want to Know the Different Kinds of Truck Transportation Services Available?

There are different truck transportation vehicles, from mini trucks to large semi rigs. Each type serves a specific purpose, even though mini trucks are excellent for short trips, it is the big rigs that do all the heavy hauling.

There are just a few trucks classified as mini trucks. These include the Pup truck and the Japanese Keitruck. These trucks often transport light loads from one destination to another locally. On rare occasions, they can transport small loads over long distances, however, this depends on the cargo.

Light trucks also include SUVs, minivans, tow trucks, and pickup trucks. Light trucks will only transport everyday items, such as televisions, wood, couches, etc. Tow trucks are used to tow vehicles that have broken down, and there are even some tow trucks that can tow larger vehicles such as buses that have broken down.

Trucks classed as medium sized trucks have many uses but mainly serve commercial purposes. These types of trucks can include fire, box, platform, and flatbed trucks. Each of these serves a specific purpose. Flatbed trucks have no sides, doors or a roof, so you can place almost any kind of cargo on it, but will need strapping down, and is open to the elements if not covered with tarpaulin.

Heavy trucks transport various kinds of materials that range from cement to refrigerated products. This truck transportation services category includes dump trucks, tankers, refrigerated trucks, and log carriers. Because most heavy goods require transportation using a vehicle able to withstand immenseweight, heavy haul trucks are in great demand within the transport industry.

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